32 Seaver Street - Complete Repair Program

Dorchester, Massachusetts


The exterior renovation project involved a complete repair program at 32 Seaver Street that consisted of removing the existing paint off the old concrete brick and repointing and replacing brick on all (3) building elevations. The scope of work was to provide a new EIFS-Exterior Insulation Finish System from the 2nd floor up to the roof edge and providing  a highly permeable coating (Strongwall) that allows moisture to evaporate through the coating. The intent was to reduce the maintenance costs associated with repair by introducing a EIFS  system (15 year warranty) at the upper floors and providing a permeable paint coating (5 year warranty) at the lower floors that can be repaired with a 30 foot ladder.


The team also coordinated with T-Mobile who was installing cable towers on the roof that interfaced with the EIFS and Strongwall Coating. The scope of work also included replacing the existing roof fascia with a new fascia that provided a positive roof pitch for water draining to the existing roof drain; as well as providing EPDM roofing repair along the entire roof perimeter.


Project Architect: Charles Bradley III, AIA



Download project information sheet (PDF)


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