South Century Auto Collision

Quincy, Massachusetts


South Century Auto Collision is an existing auto repair and storage facility located in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. The Arch Professional Group was hired by the owner to provide proposed renovations to the existing exterior elevations as well as new interior floor plans for new leasing tenants. The existing brick and asphalt building was partially demolished to accommodate a preferred unobstructed view to the new entrance. The new entrance would be a crucial element to the success of acquiring new customers. The existing auto repair facility required demolition plans and new architectural design for the exterior and new floor plans for future offices requiring a new KONE EcoSpace elevator which is environmentally sound and consumes approximately 1/3 the energy of hydraulic elevators. The final exterior renovation and design resulted in an expanded waiting area with a uniform brick fa├žade for the auto repair facility prepared to accommodate future signage which is clearly visible from the street. The remaining elevations were renovated and provide a distinct stucco finish.


Project Architect: Charles Bradley III, AIA



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TEL: 617.296.ARCH FAX: 617.296.3633