Family Discount Laundry

Boston, Massachusetts


Family Discount Laundry is a newly constructed masonry building located at 1282 Blue Hill Avenue in the Mattapan section of Boston. The Arch Professional Group was selected and hired to design and facilitate the construction administration of the new laundry mat which needed to contain 30 washers and 25 dryers including a partial basement for mechanical and electrical equipment. APG incorporated existing masonry design influences from surrounding building typologies resulting in a unique and well crafted fa├žade reflecting a new vision in masonry detailing for the commercial corridor and the community. The high windows and aluminum framed windows and doors accentuate the design by providing high visibility, natural light and fresh finishes which was highly desired by the owner. The Applied and completed awnings and signage will provide for an outstanding building on Blue Hill Avenue.


Project Architect: Charles Bradley III, AIA



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TEL: 617.296.ARCH FAX: 617.296.3633