President's Residence at the Perkins School for the Blind

Watertown, Massachusetts


Perkins School for the Blind is an innovative leader in serving people with visual impairments. Strong leadership from both staff and the Board of Trustees has created a legacy of education

and discovery. The project consisted of renovating the academic and office building Farrell House to accommodate the new Presidents Residence. The renovation consists of the following:


1. Renovation of the existing kitchen into a larger space w/current amenities.


2. Renovation of an existing storage space above an old garage into the new President’s office space.


3. Redesign of the entrance to the new President’s office adjacent to the residence; in addition to providing a new integral connection between the residence and the offices at the second floor.


Project Manager/Architect: Charles Bradley III, AIA



Download project information sheet (PDF)


TEL: 617.296.ARCH FAX: 617.296.3633