The Goode Residence

Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts


The Goode residence is a two family single story wood structure vacation home located in the historic section of Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The owner began an independent renovation to expand the living area intending to create a loft space and exterior upper deck area which revealed complex internal structural issues. The ARCH Professional Group, Inc. was hired to coordinate in conjunction with a structural engineer, local building authorities and the owner to provide design alternatives to complete and correct the design goals of the client. APG initiated a holistic approach by evaluating the house typology in relationship to the proposed upper loft area program space, structural challenges and the surrounding gingerbread detail aesthetics most commonly found in this area. APG unified the mixture of existing roof angles, elevations and local gingerbread aesthetics to align existing and opposing roof lines. The front elevation is synthesized by adding circular windows and coordinating eye catching foreground and background roof lines. New skylights penetrate the new interior vaulted ceilings bringing in natural light to the upper and lower level while hints of the gingerbread aesthetic decorate the upper level sun deck area.


Project Architect: Charles Bradley III, AIA



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